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The Lutheran Play

Click Below for a Narrative version of The Lutheran Play

The Lutheran Play

Click here for a narrative version of The Lutheran Play(audio version)





The director sat back on his seat with the pencil slid between ear and hairline as he yelled cues to the actors and actresses just above him on the dark but lit stage. Uh, Marcy can you please step back when you say that line. She stepped back. But as soon as they re-did the scene she went back to her original stance which was clearly overshadowing the other actors, which means to hover or dominate the position of other characters on scene. The director had to remind her time and time again. Marcy had a need to be in the spot-light. She craved attention and if it wasn’t all about her the play wouldn’t go right. It was this and other similar situations that got Marcy fired.


After being “excused” from ‘The Mardi Gras Play ’ from Buell Theatre, she got depressed. She would go on “highs” where the only thing that felt right was for her to get out and spend money. It was as if life had no color if only she had the right to to buy things. The streets looked dreary and everyone seemed so sad but if she was able to have an abundant amount of wealth she was okay. Then when the money was gone for that month the depression would kick in.

She finally sought help after realizing she couldn’t get hired at the Denver arts and other jobs were struggling for her.

“Oh that’s easy.” The psychiatrist answered. “You have bipolar.”

Marcy got on some medication and she was thrilled that something “might” actually help her. Not only would it help with the highs and lows but it would make her a better actress.

Several weeks in with the new meds and she was pumped to bring her acting adrenaline back to the stage.

“Hey Sheryl! I’m back where’s Jack? tell him I’m a changed woman and I want to give this whole direction thing another try.”

  “Hey Marcy! How’ve you been? You wouldn’t believe but Jack actually left for Jacksonville Florida. But we have this new director and he’s awesome! But watch out though he’s very religious.”

“Oh, wow. Okay!”

Up she went on the old familiar steps in the auditorium that she had climbed so many times.  She felt a sudden spark of hope but didn’t know why.

“Hi, my name is Marcy. Is there a new performance and do you need actors?”

“Hello Marcy, just in time, my name is Donald. We are dong something just fantastic. Over there on the podium is a stack of dialogue and characters. The play itself is called The Last Supper.

Marcy took a full script home with her. That night she found her part and went back and reported to Donald that she would love to be one of the Mary’s in the Christian play. As she studied, she felt a fire beginning to burn with in her. Growing up her mom taught her the Lord’s prayer.

“Our Father, who art in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Thy Kingdom come

Thy will be done

On earth as it is in Heaven

Give us this day

Our daily bread

Forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive those who trespass against us

Lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from evil”


             She started to remember days when she was very young and the family would go to church. It wasn’t every Sunday but mostly on Easter and Christmas.

However, Marcy started remembering that whenever there was a party of friends growing up she always had to be the center of attention. She was always lonely and yet always very popular. Now that she had the new Last Supper script, in her heart something was changing; and changing for the good!


That month as Donald directed her, for the first time in her life she realized that for the play to work, the center of attention needs to be on the center of the whole stage. You can’t focus in on one person and have a successful performance.  It would be a disruption to harmony.  The play, The Last Supper; it began a work inside of Marcy to love others. To give to the other actor and put the one beside you as better than yourself.

“Uh, Marcy can you hold off on the volume of that line as if you are more petrified but I still want you to be enthusiastic!”

Marcy, accepted the advice and felt compassion on the cooperating actors and actresses.

The play eventually took place and they performed 4 times over the span of one week. She did awesome and it turned out to be a great success.

She started going to church after that. She also started to pray. Often before bed she would say, “God, I don’t know if it was the medicine that got me my job back and made me perform well or it was the fact that Donald was such a good Christian director and that it was a Christian play, but I feel like I’m a new person. thank you, Amen!


Click here for a narrative version of The Lutheran Play(audio version)

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